Meeting Minutes & Notes

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Organizational Meeting
1-11-16 Regular Meeting
2-8-16 Regular Meeting Agenda
2-8-16 Regular Meeting
3-14-16 Regular Meeting Agenda
3-14-16 Regular Meeting
4-11-16 Regular Meeting
5-9-16 Regular Meeting Agenda
5-9-16 Regular Meeting
6-13-16 Regular Meeting
7-11-16 Regular Meeting Agenda
7-11-16 Regular Meeting
8-8-16 Regular Meeting Agenda
8-8-16 Regular Meeting
9-12-16 Regular Meeting
10-03-16 Regular Meeting
10-25-16 Town of Albion Budget Workshop
11-07-16 Public Hearing on the 2017 Preliminary Budget
12-12-16 Regular Meeting
12-27-16 Year-End Meeting



1-6-15Organizational Meeting Agenda
1-6-15Organizational Meeting
1-12-15Regular Meeting Agenda
1-12-15Regular Meeting
2-9-15Regular Meeting Agenda
2-9-15Regular Meeting
3-9-15Regular Meeting Agenda
3-9-15Regular Meeting
3-23-15Regular Meeting
4-20-15Regular Meeting Agenda
4-20-15Regular Meeting
5-11-15Regular Meeting Agenda
5-11-15Regular Meeting
6-8-15Regular Meeting Agenda
6-8-15Regular Meeting
6-22-15Special Meeting Agenda
6-22-15Special Meeting
7-13-15Regular Meeting Agenda
7-13-15Regular Meeting
8-10-15Regular Meeting Agenda
8-10-15Regular Meeting
9-14-15Regular Meeting
9-29-15Budget Workshop
10-20-15Budget Workshop
10-5-15Regular Meeting
11-2-15Public Hearing Agenda
11-2-15Public Hearing
11-9-15Regular Meeting
11-17-15Emergency Meeting
12-14-15Regular Meeting Agenda
12-14-15Regular Meeting
12-28-15Year End Meeting



Organizational Meeting
1-13-14Regular Meeting Agenda
1-13-14Regular Meeting
1-27-14special Meeting
2-10-14Regular Meeting Agenda
2-10-14Regular Meeting
3-10-14Regular Meeting Agenda
3-10-14Regular Meeting
4-4-14Special Meeting
4-14-14Regular Meeting Agenda
5-12-14Regular Meeting Agenda
5-19-14Regular Meeting
6-9-14Regular Meeting Agenda
6-9-14Regular Meeting
7-14-14Regular Meeting
7-28-14Special Meeting
8-11-14Regular Meeting Agenda
8-11-14Regular Meeting
9-8-14Regular Meeting
10-6-14Regular Meeting Agenda
10-6-14Regular Meeting
10-27-14Public Hearing
11-10-14Regular Meeting Agenda
11-10-14Regular Meeting
11-24-14Special Meeting Agenda
11-24-14Special Meeting
12-8-14Regular Meeting Agenda
12-8-14Regular Meeting
12-29-14Year End Meeting



Organizational Meeting
1-14-13Regular Meeting
2-11-13Regular Meeting Agenda
2-11-13Regular Meeting
3-11-13Regular Meeting Agenda
3-11-13Regular Meeting
4-8-13Regular Meeting
5-13-13Regular Meeting Agenda
5-13-13Regular Meeting
6-10-13Regular Meeting Agenda
6-10-13Regular Meeting
7-8-13Regular Meeting Agenda
7-8-13Regular Meeting
8-12-13Regular Meeting Agenda
8-12-13Regular Meeting
9-9-13Regular Meeting Agenda
9-9-13Regular Meeting
10-7-13Regular Meeting Agenda
10-7-13Regular Meeting
10-15-13Special Meeting
10-28-13Public Hearing Agenda
10-28-13Public Hearing
11-12-13Regular Meeting Agenda
11-12-13Regular Meeting
12-9-13Regular Meeting Agenda
12-9-13Regular Meeting
12-18-13Special Meeting Agenda
12-18-13Special Meeting
12-26-13Year End Meeting


- 2012 -

Town of Albion Budget
1-5-12Regular Meeting Agenda
1-23-12Regular Meeting Agenda
1-23-12Regular Meeting
2-13-12Regular Meeting Agenda
2-27-12Special Meeting Agenda
2-27-12Special Meeting
3-12-12Regular Meeting Agenda
3-12-12Regular Meeting
4-2-12Special Meeting Agenda
4-2-12Special Meeting
4-9-12Regular Meeting Agenda
4-9-12Regular Meeting
5-14-12Regular Meeting
6-11-12Regular Meeting Agenda
6-11-12Regular Meeting
7-9-12Regular Meeting
8-13-12Regular Meeting
9-10-12Regular Meeting Agenda
10-1-12Regular Meeting
10-15-12Special Meeting
10-22-12Special Meeting
10-30-122013 Budget Agenda
10-30-122013 Budget Meeting
11-12-12Regular Meeting
12-10-12Regular Meeting
12-27-12Year End Meeting



Organizational Meeting Agenda
1-3-11Organizational Board Meeting
1-10-11Regular Meeting Agenda
1-10-11Regular Meeting
1-11-11Emergency Meeting
1-24-11Special Meeting Agenda
1-24-11Special Meeting
2-7-11Special Meeting
2-14-11Regular Meeting Agenda
2-28-11Special Meeting Agenda
2-28-11Special Meeting
3-14-1Regular Meeting Agenda
3-14-11Regular Meeting
3-21-11Emergency Meeting
3-28-11Regular Meeting
4-11-11Regular Meeting Agenda
4-11-11Regular Meeting
5-9-11Regular Meeting Agenda
5-9-11Regular Meeting
6-13-11Regular Meeting
7-11-11Regular Meeting Agenda
7-11-11Regular Meeting
8-8-11Regular Meeting Agenda
8-8-11Regular Meeting
9-12-11Regular Meeting Agenda
9-12-11Regular Meeting
10-3-11Regular Meeting
11-7-11Special Meeting
12-12-11Regular Meeting
12-30-11Special Meeting



Organizational Board Meeting
1-11-10Regular Board Meeting
1-19-10Emergency Meeting
1-25-10Emergency Meeting
2-8-10Regular Board Meeting
2-22-10Special Board Meeting
3-8-10Regular Board Meeting
4-12-10Regular Board Meeting
5-24-10Special Board Meeting
6-14-10Regular Board Meeting
6-28-10Special Board Meeting
7-12-10Regular Board Meeting
8-9-10Regular Board Meeting
8-16-10Special Board Meeting
10-4-10Board Meeting and Public Hearing
10-18-10Special Board Meeting
10-25-10Public Hearing
11-8-10Regular Board Meeting
12-27-10Fund Transfers
12-27-10Year End Meeting